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Idea Photographic: After Modernism is made possible by the Museum Loan Network—a national collection-sharing program funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, and administered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Office of the Arts. The Museum Loan Network was the first of its kind to be established to stimulate and facilitate long-term loans for programs that reach broad diverse audiences. Additional funding for this catalog was provided by Michael and Marianne O’Shaughnessy and the Dunlevy-Milbank Foundation, Austin Lamont, and by Margeaux Kurtie Modern Art, Madrid, New Mexico.

Special thanks to: the Department of Fine Arts, Santa Fe Community College and Laura Bellatti, assistant to Siegfried Halus; Frederick Turner for his editorial assistance and staff and students from the research seminars in the History of Modern Photography, whose efforts supported research aspects of this exhibition, catalog, and Web site: Jill Alikas St. Thomas, Paul Butt, Sarah Dawson, Mary Feidt, Barbara Lenihan, Virginia Lierz, Anita Ogard, Joyce Roetter, Patricia Schaefer, Anne Strader, and Marjorie Young. Further thanks to these scholars and artists who participated in the research seminars and museum presentations: Van Deren Coke, Lucy Lippard, Eugenia Parry, Betty Hahn, Thomas Barrow, and Jim Stone.

Sincere professional appreciation to: Assistant to the Museum of Fine Arts Curator of Photography, Diane W. Block, who not only edited the students’ research for publication, but who also worked tirelessly on the catalog and exhibition, and assisted in the organization and teaching of the student seminars, as well; the staffs at the Museum Loan Network and supporting institutions, including Peter Bunnell, Toby Jurovics, and Registrar Maureen McCormick at the Princeton University Art Museum; Sandra Phillips, Doug Nichol, and Registrar Kelly Parady at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Director Marsha Bol, Ph.D., Assistant Director Bonnie Anderson, Registrar Joan Tafoya, Librarian Mary Jebsen, Preparator Charles Sloan, intern Pennie McDowell and volunteers Karen Dew, Lowell Soucie, and John Block, Curator of Education Ellen Zieselman, Special Events Coordinator Martha Landry, Financial Specialist Theresa Garcia, and Secretary Velma Rodriguez, and all Museum of Fine Arts staff members listed in the credits section of this Web site.

Adding their professionalism to the project were Webmaster Doug Patinka at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, who opened the doors to a productive collaboration with the creative folks at unparallel design, one of Santa Fe’s best-kept secrets, and Chief Conservator Claire Munzenrider, Laura Downey, Patricia Morris, and Kathryn Guscott, in the Conservation Department. From the Santa Fe Community College came additional expertise from Librarian Wayne Oakes; Nina Stephenson, Michael Rivera, and staff members at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Library; and Allison Colbourne, Art Librarian, Special Collections, College of Santa Fe.

Also our thanks to: William S. Salman, who provided a digital camera for the project; Dr. Richard Yates for his technical advice; and the Museum of New Mexico Foundation for its continued support.


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