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Minor White (1908-1976)

Minor White was a seer of the parallel universe existing within everyday reality. His photographs of tangible objects became poetic metaphors for the intangible, as had Stiegltiz's photographs of clouds, which he called Equivalents. Zen, Gestalt psychology, and the teachings of Gurdjieff were spiritual influences in his life. He moved to New York in 1945, worked with Beaumont and Nancy Newhall at the Museum of Modern Art, and met Strand, Stieglitz and Weston. White taught at Ansel Adams' California School of Fine Arts (1946), was a founder and editor of Aperture (1952), and editor of Image magazine (1956-1957). He taught influential workshops at the Rochester Institute of Technology, MIT, and throughout the country.
- Jill Alikas St. Thomas

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