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Galina Moskaleva (Lithuanian, 1954- )

Galina Moskaleva graduated from the Politechnical Institute, Minsk, in 1976. She is an award-winning photography teacher in Russia who builds images from her childhood memories, correlated with the state of her current emotions. Reviewing the archive of negatives that her father had accumulated from her early childhood, Moskaleva realized that her father had not simply photographed her, her mother, their neighbors, and their friends; he also had directed the scenes to capture the states of their minds. This rich material initiated a ten-year photographic journey of self-perception, a fusion of her father's negatives and her own experimentation with various chemical elements.
- Virginia Lee Lierz

Selected Bibliography
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Art Statement and Curriculum Vitae, by Galina Moskaleva, sent to Virginia Lierz. April 21, 2002.


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