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Gilbert & George
(Gilbert Proesch, Italian, 1943- )
(George Passmore, British, 1942- )

Gilbert & George consider themselves constant performance artists and self-proclaimed "living sculpture." Gilbert, born in Dolomites, studied at Wolkenstien School of Art and Hallein School of Art, Austria, and the Akademie de Kunst, Munich. George, born in Passmore, studied at the Dartington Hall College of Art, Devon, and the Oxford School of Art. The two met at St. Martin's School of Art, London, and lived together in a working-class neighborhood of Spitalfields. There, they began their art collaborations and first donned their identical, grey "responsibility suits." Their work includes bookmaking, video, photography, drawing, and sculpture. In 1986, Gilbert & George received the Turner Prize from the Tate Gallery, London.
- Joyce Roetter

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