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Valery Cherkashin (Ukrainian, 1948- )
Natasha Cherkashin (Syrian, 1958- )

Valery Cherkashin was privately educated from 1977-1980. Natashia Cherkashin, born in Damascus, Syria, graduated in physics from the V. I. Lenin College of Education, Moscow. Their collaboration began in 1988, at the start of "perestroika," with their first "art happenings" in the Moscow subway. For more than fifteen years the Cherkashins' projects have involved the Imperial cultures of the USSR, Germany, Britain, Japan, Spain, and the US. Their works involve ideological deconstruction and cultural reconstruction. They created the "Cherkashins' Museum Metropolitan," in 1922, hosting international exhibitions, art performances, and television programs. Their work is heavily influenced by Gustav Klutsis, who also collaborated with his wife
- Joyce Roetter

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