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Paul Caponigro (American, 1932- )

Paul Caponigro's work embodies the stillness and insight of an artist devoted to the exploration of his inner self. An accomplished pianist, the New York-born Caponigro was influenced by the sense of rhythm and movement in his photography. Edward Weston, Minor White, Ansel Adams, and painter Morris Groves also inspired his work. Caponigro had many exhibitions of his work, but his first major exhibition was shown at the George Eastman House in 1958. He became involved with improvisational painting and the teachings of Gurdjeff, in New York in 1961 and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1966. His landscapes, plant studies, still lifes, and images of megalithic structures are infused with the metaphysical.
- Jill Alikas St. Thomas

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